Where to Stay in Cartagena, Colombia

Hopefully, you have added Cartagena, Colombia to your bucket list by now. And if so, it’s time to plan your vacation! So once you have booked your flight, it’s time to look at where to stay in Cartagena.

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Luckily, I visited Cartagena last year and stayed at an amazing property that I highly recommend to you. This 4-Star hotel had so much to offer and was extremely inexpensive. Seriously, I was shocked at how much we got in return for the amount we paid. A hotel like this would have been at least twice more expensive in the states!

But don’t just take my word for it. Take a look at the beautiful Hilton Cartagena Hotel below for yourself and try telling me it isn’t gorgeous!

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All images taken by Cheers to Travel Blog.

Where I Stayed

When searching for hotels, we obviously wanted to stay near the beach. I mean, we were in Cartagena, c’mon now!

And even though Cartagena is a smaller city, we still wanted to stay somewhat in walking distance to nearby attractions.

Hilton Cartagena

After doing some research, we decided on Hilton Cartagena. It had several great reviews, and for being a 4-Star tiered hotel, it definitely did not charge like one.

This hotel is located in El Laguito Peninsula, which is surrounded by three sides of the Caribbean Sea. It has a secluded beach with astonishing ocean views and was a short ride to the famous Walled City.

PLUS it had breakfast and Wi-Fi included. I’m pretty sure we also had fitness center access (?) but we weren’t there for that so I actually don’t remember..🤣

Anyway, we liked what we saw online and decided to book. But everyone knows that sometimes pictures can be deceiving so were honestly not expecting too much from it (for the price we paid). But upon walking in, our jaws dropping in awe – the pictures we saw online were the real deal.

Click here to view the full hotel details.

Inside the Hotel

When you walk inside the hotel, they had this beautiful staircase along the entrance. Glass windows were everywhere with lots of natural sunlight shining through. I was such in awe that I forgot to take pictures of the entrance! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I was so anxious to get to our room and see the rest of the hotel! LOL!

But regardless, the pictures I DID take give you a pretty good view on how beautiful this hotel was, both inside and out.

Lobby Area

These two are just two of the lounging areas they have. The hotel was so big that I personally didn’t even get a chance to visit the whole thing!

Hilton Cartagena lobby
One of the main lobby areas
hilton cartagena lobby sitting area
Lounge seating area

But as you see, the hotel had a very classy and modern vibe to it. It was also filled with very bright and vibrant colors (which I loved).

Down the hallway of this picture, they had a few local shops. One of them is where I bought a handful of my souvenirs from since they were mostly handmade and cultural items.

They also have several bar and dining locations including an executive lounge, Las Chivas Resaurant (which is also where breakfast is made) and a few more. And speaking of their breakfast, it was the largest buffet breakfast I’ve ever had! It took up an entire wall plus a circular round table with several breakfast options available. The breakfast had me pretty filled for most of the day. 😅

You can check out more information on their dining options here.

Room Views

After seeing the hotel lobby, we couldn’t wait to get up to our rooms to check them out.

beach view from hilton cartagena hotel room
Beautiful beach view from our hotel room 😍
beach hotel room view at hilton cartagena
Can you believe this was taken through our glass window?

Whooaa! 😍 Now can you see why I was super anxious to get up to our room? I mean, look at that amazing view!

I kid you not that all three of these pictures were taken through the glass window of our hotel room at the Hilton Cartagena Hotel (I bet you couldn’t tell). LOL in fact, the very first thing we did upon entering the room was take turns taking pictures by the window 😂. And we left the curtains open for the most part because who wouldn’t want to walk into that beautiful ocean view?

But that’s not even what the best part was! We didn’t even have to pay extra to get this view since I am a Hilton Honors member with Diamond Status! But even the lower Gold tier can get you a space-available upgrade. Plus, it’s free to sign up and no purchase is required! You can read more about the Hilton Honors perks here.

Outside Area

Now the outside of the hotel was no different. Absolutely everything about this hotel was gorgeous. Take a look for yourself!

outside view of hilton cartagena
This is the outside (back) of the Hilton Cartagena Hotel 😍
beach side in the back of hilton cartagena
Gorgeous views of the city from the Hilton Cartagena secluded beach 🏖
bar and patio lounge at hilton cartagena
Bar and patio lounge area outside of the hotel
outdoor lounge area at hilton cartagena
More lounging area outside in the patio
beach side by hilton cartagena
What a beautiful secluded hotel-only part of the beach this was 😍

Aren’t these pictures AMAZING?! And this is only a little taste of what Cartagena has to offer since these pictures were taken at the back of the Hilton Cartagena Hotel! Yeah, seriously – this is all in the hotel’s backyard!

But you can’t really expect much less with a hotel that looks THAT good from the outside, I mean c’mon! Before heading up to our rooms, we actually took a brief walk through the back because we could see the the gorgeous views through the clear glass windows. We then hurried to go up to change into appropriate beach attire so we could go back outside. 😅

And of course, the closeup outside views were so much better in person. We were even able to get a good look at the outside of the hotel which looks super fancy! And they had sooo much more lounging area for us to just relax in which is what vacations should be all about, right?

Click here to view hotel availability before they’re booked!

Book Your Stay at Cartagena!

Now that you know where to stay in Cartagena, I hope you you truly have an amazing vacation. If you have not yet planned a trip here, it’s definitely one to add to the bucket list. Plus this hotel is so close to many attractions (including some in their very own backyard) that I would not mind staying here again the next time I go back!

Have you been to Cartagena? Did you find this post helpful? Please share a comment below as I would love to hear from you!

And remember, there is always something to be happy for… Cheers to travel! What are you cheering to today?


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  1. Cartagena is definitely on my bucket list. This hotel looks awesome! Those views are great. I will definitely look into it further when are ready to book our Columbia trip!

    1. Oh how awesome! And yes, we fell in love with the hotel and would definitely be my choice when I decide to go back. When is your trip?

  2. Wow, this is an amazing property! We have actually been considering Columbia for an upcoming adventure- I will look at your other posts for more information!

  3. The views are amazing and the pictures came out really great! I never thought of ever going to Columbia but it looks beautiful and worth looking into.

  4. I have not been here, but am starting to hear more about this amazing place in the last year or so. I want to go and I want to stay here!! Beautiful!

  5. I have a lawyer friend that loves visiting Cartagena, sharing this with him for sure! Thanks so much for the insider info 🙂

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