Ultimate Must Do Disney World Itinerary Plan

OMG did you just book your Disney World family vacation? Or perhaps you’re still in the planning phase and trying to figure out the best must do Disney World itinerary plan. Either way, this is an exciting time for you!

I’m a Disney fan. If you ask me or my closest friends and family, they will tell you I pick Disney over the beach LOL. Though the beach does come in second.

Anyways, we recently took a family vacation to Disney World and it was the best vacation ever! I should also add that I spent over 6 months planning for this vacation so yeah.. it better have been good LOL!

Now, I’m going to share everything I planned with you, starting with the ultimate must do Disney World itinerary.

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Things To Do in Disney

With so much to do in Disney, it can be hard to narrow down what to fit into your 7-day vacation. Trust me, I planned ours for months so I knowwww.

But you know what? I am so glad I took the time to research and plan months ahead because it truly helped us have an almost perfect vacation. Why almost? Because nothing is perfect and nothing ever goes exactly as planned… but it was pretty close.

So whether you’re planning on visiting in a few months or a few weeks, don’t worry. This must do Disney World itinerary plan will help you experience all the magic Disney has to offer.

For updates on Disney’s reopening phases, click here.

Epcot globe at night to add to must do disney world itinerary

Pretend to travel the world in Epcot

Oh Epcot, the only place where you can experience cultures from all around the world in just one day (or two). And look, don’t underestimate what this Walt Disney Theme Park has to offer.

Besides giving you a little taste of all around the globe, you can also experience what it would be like to visit the sea and outer space! I’m telling you, the shows and attractions this theme park has are mind blowing.

We regret not allocating enough time for us to truly enjoy it all. But hey, at least we got to visit our own Mexican culture with our son, get entertained with a traditional Chinese show and visit outer space. Oh and when you visit, make sure you stay until nighttime so you can see this colorful globe view after their big nightly show!

Click here to see everything else Epcot has to offer.

Toy Story Land to add to must do disney world itinerary

Feel the fame at Hollywood Studios

Next on the list is Hollywood Studios, the home to Toy Story Land, Star Wars and so much more. This is the place you come to when you really want to load up on some fun. Not because the rest of Disney World isn’t fun, no. But because of all the fun, bright colors and characters that fill the park.

I mean, it is called Hollywood Studios for a reason right? You already know can expect to see some of your absolute favorite Disney characters here, along with their matching super cool attractions.

So if you’re looking for a place of epic adventure, this is the one for you! Click here to see everything you can experience at Hollywood Studios.

Magic Kingdom to add to must do disney world itinerary

Experience the magic at Magic Kingdom

Okay so this one should have probably came in first LOL. But because there’s no way you would skip out on this one, I decided to put it in the middle. I mean, c’mon… Magic Kingdom is like Disney’s brand identity. You think of Disney and either two images come to your mind – Mickey Mouse or the princess castle.

So of course, this magical theme park is one that you should absolutely have on your list. In fact, out of all the parks, I would suggest you split visiting this park in two days versus one (if possible). Yup, there is THAT much to do here. And even two days is probably not enough but it’s worth really taking in every minute of this park instead of rushing through it.

So if you’re looking to make your fantasy a reality, click here to see everything you can do at this park.

Animal Kingdom to add to must do disney world itinerary

Visit the animals at Animal Kingdom

Okay so who doesn’t like visiting the zoo? Okay maybe you don’t but I bet your kids do LOL! Now imagine visiting a gigantic zoo with like 10x the attractions? That’s pretty much what you get when visiting Animal Kingdom.

Oh but so much better! I’ll admit that this park was always last on my list to visit but finally added it to our itinerary and whoa, I had totally been missing out! From safari adventures, to crazy cool rides, oh and if you’re a Lion King fan – yeah, this park has tons of wild adventures of its own and is definitely something to add to your must do Disney World itinerary.

Click here to see everything else this park has to offer.

Life size dragon made out of Legos at Disney Springs

Visit life-size Lego figures at Disney Springs

Did you know that you can experience Disney outside of Disney World? Yup, it’s true! At Disney Springs, you will experience a whole new type of Disney magic.

Here, you will get to shop for your souvenirs, enjoy delicious Disney-themed treats and if you visit at the right time, you might even get to see some live entertainment. Oh and did I mention they have life-size Lego creations at their Lego store? In fact, they have Lego stations everywhere for your kids to play with… for FREE! (Unless of course, your kids convince you to buy them some haha!)

So either take an afternoon or evening off from the parks and go spend it at Disney Springs. Click here for more information on their shops, dining and entertainment.

Character dining with Mickey to add to must do disney world itinerary

Share a meal with your favorite characters

Did you even know this was a thing? You can actually have a meal while your favorite characters are walking around! And even though I was going to wait to share these next two tips on my next post, I think they are well worth sharing now LOL.

Instead of waiting at the long theme park lines to get a character’s autograph, you can skip the ones for the characters which you chose to visit for either breakfast, lunch or dinner! Because yup, they will stop by each and every table to not only sign your autograph book, but to take pictures with them as well!

You can choose to eat with either Mickey and Pals, Disney Princesses or various other characters. But here’s another secret… try to aim for the breakfast slot as it tends to be much cheaper than lunch or dinner! Click here to see all the character dining options.

Coronado Springs, a Disney World Resort hotel

Vacation at your hotel resort

Honestly, you could probably do this one, and the last two on this must do itinerary list on the same day. And because staying at a hotel (much less a Disney Resort hotel) is not cheap, you should really plan a day to enjoy it.

Plus, Disney Resorts have so much you can do for fun and relaxation, so take advantage of it. And okay, I can’t keep secrets! Another tip I have for you is to break up your stay into two different hotels. This will help you cut down the costs a little if you spend some days at an All-Star Resort Hotel (which honestly cost about the same as any other Orlando hotel), with your remaining days at a more luxurious one, like the one above.

Trust me, it’s totally worth it. Oh and last thing. Schedule this day as your “rest day” in the middle of your trip because you will need it, LOL! Click here for resort options and details.

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Have Fun Planning Your Unforgettable Disney Vacation!

Alright, now you know everything you need to add to your must do Disney World itinerary. And believe me, your family vacation is going to be awesome!

I’ll be back to share each one of these in more detail soon to give you a better understand at what to do at each attraction or destination. To see Disney’s new policies, click here.

How excited are you for your Disney vacation? Which of these theme parks are you most excited to visit? Please share your thoughts below as I would love to hear from you!

And remember, there is always something to be happy for… Cheers to travel! What are you cheering to today?


42 thoughts on “Ultimate Must Do Disney World Itinerary Plan

    1. It’s for sure one of those parks that gets underestimated but is actually totally worth visiting!

  1. It was always a struggle to pick when it came time to decide which parks we were going to. Now I can use this to help, thanks.

  2. I can’t wait to go back and take my husband. I used to live and work there for several years in college and then moved to California, so it’s hard for us to make trips back there, but we’ll be there in a few weeks and then hopefully doing a parks trip around Christmas.

    1. A Disney trip during Christmas is my ultimate goal. Maybe this year it won’t be so packed lol hopefully you get a chance to go!

  3. Terrific lay out for a Disney trip. We actually only bought a 4 day pass and rested every other day. Hats off to y’all for managing on only 1 day of rest.

    1. lol we were just trying to squeeze in as much as we could haha but even rest days at Disney are fun!

  4. We went in December and it was so much fun. It was my kiddos first time and I’m dying to go back. My 5 year old made me cry during the Main Street parade because she said, “Mommy, thank you for making my dreams come true!”

  5. I have never been and while it sounds magical, it always sounds overwhelming too. The break day tip is definitely one we will be using when we get to Disney

    1. I totally get the overwhelming part which is why I started my planning months in advance and recommend the same for anyone planning a Disney trip. It takes away the pressure of doing it all last minute since you’re spreading out the planning overtime. But yes, make sure you add in the rest day in there lol

  6. Love this! Pinned it for future reference ❤️ I’ve never been to Disney, and my amazing boyfriend told me he was gonna take me there as soon as the borders reopen ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Oh my gosh we love Disney so much! We have been to Disneyland over a dozen times, on five cruises, and to Walt Disney World probably 15-16 times {??? I’d have to go back and look at photos and count.} So yes, we are Those People, ha! {We were actually supposed to be in WDW right now *sad face*} Love this post. So many things go into preparing! It really is like no other type of vacation planning. The character meals are the best. ❤

    1. Wowww hahaha that’s amazing and I’m sooo slightly jealous! That’s super cool though, I bet you have some very interesting stories to share!

  8. We took an 8 day trip to Disney World in December 2018 and we can’t wait to go back again. We were supposed to go to Disneyland Paris last month, but have had to reschedule for next year. We love Disney!

    1. Ahh you went during Christmas time! It’s my dream to going during Christmas season any tips for traveling there during this time of the year?

  9. I’m a Disney but but I have yet to make it to Disney world yet. I need the time and money to devote to it and it’s so far! (Im 50 min from DL) this a great list I didn’t really that some of this stuff wasn’t all part of the same park woah!

    1. LOL oh man, I would have a season pass if I lived that close it’s totally worth it ♥

  10. Epcot is high on our list for Disney. Would love to spend the day eating our way around the world!

    1. OMG I knoww!! It’s so hard to even sit down and choose which meal to get because there’s so much to choose from and you want it all!

    1. Maybe that’s what it is.. as a child I remember it was last on my list but now I actually like it

    1. Yes there’s wayy too many to pick from haha but those two parks are really cool 🙂

  11. I love Disney! We’d been planning to go back next June, but now we’re unsure. We’ll be keeping an eye on things. I’d rather wait a little longer than deal with record crowds if everyone is trying to make up for lost trips. I really wanted to be there for the 50th though! We’ll see. Great post!

    1. Hopefully by next June things are back to somewhat normal where we can at least enjoy it as normal haha. Best of luck!

  12. There is never enough time to see it all! That’s the beauty…you have to go back! I have been there many more times than I am years old. They always something new that I just HAVE to see! Thanks for the great tips.

    1. lol i know right! they always have something new too so all your trips are guaranteed to be different lol and thank you!

  13. EPCOT is by far our favorite park lately and eating our way around the world has become a great way to spend a day! It looks like you guys had an incredible trip!

    1. Haha it really is and it’s super cool you get to get a little taste of the different cultural foods

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