Cheers to Travel Blog is an extension of the Cheers to Life Blogging brand. It actually used to be combined into one but then realized that travel is an adventure on it’s own and deserves to be it’s own. This is a place where our memories and adventures can be shared with the world to inspire you to take the trip, with or without your kids.

But perhaps we have other common interests. If you ended up looking through our family travel adventures, you can probably also benefit from my busy mom blog. Or maybe you’re an aspiring blogger who wishes to learn more about growing your blog.

If either one of these is you, then you’ll want to take a look at my other blog brands below. 😄

Like mentioned, Cheers to Life Blogging is the original. It’s where each one of my blog brands came from. But now, it has become a focus to help the busy mom who’s wanting to make her life a bit less chaotic and a bit more cheerful!

It comes from the perspective of this busy working mama herself, who’s trying to not only keep her day bosses happy (did I mention I work in the travel industry as well?) but keeping her three blogs afloat.

But in addition, my 7-year old athletic child also has me driving all over town to his sports practices and games… 10 months out of the year! All while trying to maintain the household clean and organized. Oh and of course, while keeping the marriage life booming and keeping my number one priority intact – to be the best mom I can possibly be to care and provide for her child to ensure he always remains safe, healthy and happy.

So yeah, I have quite a few time management, productivity mom hacks and family tips to share. 😅 So if you’re a busy mama who could use some of the extra help, come on over! I gotchuuuu!

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Cheers to Blogging came from my passion of blogging and wanting to help teach others what I’ve learned so far. Once you’ve come to know me in the blogging world, you’ll quickly realize that I’m a huge course junkie LOL!

I like to work smarter, not harder. And blogging is definitely something that can make your head spin if not done properly. So yeah, if I want to learn something, I’ll let the experts teach it to me.

And look, everyone has their own strategy, which is why I take different courses on the same topic. I like to see what’s working for who and why, implement for myself and tweak it to make it work for me. Creating your own unique strategy is critical for bloggers to become successful.

So in this blog, I focus on helping beginner bloggers get their blogs on the right track by sharing different tips, blogging hacks and which resources to help get your blog brand going.

The overall blogging goal is to have fun blogging, the right way. So if blogging is your thing or if you aspire to become one, come be nosey and take a look around.

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And remember, there is always something to be happy for… Cheers to travel! What are you cheering to today?