Local Best Restaurants in Bogota, Colombia

Are you planning a trip to Colombia and need recommendations of the best restaurants in Bogota?

Below is a list of a few top spots I have tried personally and can attest to the amazing taste. Not only are their prices low compared to the US, but they are extremely delicious! There are a multitude of local restaurants you can try that you won’t find anywhere else.

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All images taken by Cheers to Travel Blog.

Best Restaurants in Bogota

The restaurants below are not only the ones that I personally tried on my trip, but they are the best restaurants in Bogota that my local friends recommended. So that’s how you know they are actually the best!

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Andres Carne de Res

If you’ve already been to Colombia, you probably heard about Andres Carne de Res already. It is the most popular restaurant with various locations. The one we visited was in Chia, Colombia which is about one hour away from Bogota (but worth the drive). Though, they do have a smaller venue in Bogota as well.

Before I go into how amazing the food was, let me start off by saying that this is NOT your typical restaurant.

Outside of Andres Carne de Res Restaurant
Outside of Andres Carne de Res Restaurant
Inside of Andres Carne de Res Restaurant
Inside of Andres Carne de Res Restaurant

Why? Well, if you come by for dinner (particularly any day from Wed-Sun), you will surprised by their comical singers and loud music. Once the clock hit about 9PM, tables were moved out of the way to make a dance floor! Over the weekend, they close the street between their two sides of the restaurant (shown in picture 1 above) and this whole street becomes the dance floor. A really astonishing sight to see!

Now back to the food… well, what can I say… it was amazing! We were served platters with a variety of small dishes to try. My absolute favorite were the empanadas and arepas. Their natural juices were also very delicious! I personally tried the mango flavor and ended up asking for more!

Bottom line is… if you are planning on visiting Colombia, make sure you visit one of their Andres Carne de Res restaurants, you won’t regret it!

La Mar Cebichería

Another place we were taken to by our local friends was La Mar. “Mar” in Spanish means “ocean” so as you may have guessed… this is a seafood spot.

la mar bogota menu
La Mar Menu
delicious seafood plate bogota
The delicious plate I ordered

I personally love seafood (though I still stay away from some of the non-traditional seafood items). If you are not a fan of seafood, don’t worry! They have non-seafood options on the menu as well.

Colombia is very well-known for their natural juices and me being the big fan I am, of course I had to try it. Once again, I was not disappointed.

The vibe of this restaurant was a bit on the fancier side and did seem to be a hot spot for dates, special occasions and business. Though, if you live in US, their menu prices are no where close to what a nice restaurant in the US would cost. Take advantage and treat yourself to a nice dinner at La Mar!

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Central Cevicheria

Who would of known Bogota had such a good taste in seafood? One of my favorite spots we were taken to try was Central Cevicheria.

huge plantain chip
The biggest plantain chip I have ever eaten
food in bogota
Shrimp rice mix with coconut milk… YUM!

They had the biggest plantain chips I had ever seen! (first picture) As you see, it was the size of a plate (which was bigger than my hand!). They were a mix of crunchy and chewy so a bit different than I have tried and was honestly, extremely delicious.

For my meal, I had one of their rice with shrimp combos. What was interesting about this meal was that it included a sauce that was made with coconut milk. When I read this, I was sold! I love coconut milk and had never tried it in a meal before and omg…. it was amazing!! Again, if you are not a seafood fan, our chicken-only eater friends said these dishes were just as tasty!

Their natural juice selection was was limitless, as you could combine fruit flavors. I tried their “fresa” flavor which means strawberry which was so delicious! As you see, I was already halfway done with it by the time the food came out and I am not a big fluid sipper.

This restaurant is located by one of their famous shopping zones called Zona T. So once you are done shopping at their huge indoor mall and outdoor stores enarby, take a walk over to Central Cevicheria.

Juan Valdez Coffee

Lastly, if you are a big coffee fanatic like me, you want to know where to find the best coffee in town! Well worry not, Colombia is KNOWN for having the best coffee so they have coffee shops everywhere!

Their most popular coffee shop that is located at just about every block (sound familiar…?) is called Juan Valdez Coffee.

juan valdez coffee
My fancy mocha Juan Valdez coffee drink
juan valdez coffee and dessert
As you see, I had it several times 😅

Just like a true coffee shop, they have all different kinds of coffee options ranging from hot or iced, decaf and instant. They also have the option to buy prepackaged coffee to-go and of course, I bought a couple of instant coffee to bring back home.

And let’s not forget about their pastries. Their pastries are specialized to represent their local desserts. I have a HUGE sweet tooth so of course I had to try a handful and was not disappointed!

Hungry Yet?

I hope you didn’t get too hungry while reading over the amazing places to try while in Bogota, Colombia LOL!

Have you tried any places listed above or have any additional recommendations I should add? Please drop a comment below as I would love to hear from you!

And remember, there is always something to be happy for… Cheers to travel! What are you cheering to today?


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