How awesome would it be to travel the world? I mean, with so many places to see, where would you even start? And if you’re a parent, you might be thinking there’s no way you can travel, but I’m here to tell you that thought is wrong.

So let’s go ahead and get it out of your head because traveling is possible, with and without your kiddos. Plus, it’s okay to take a break from your busy life to travel the world from time to time. 😉

About the Blog

Cheers to Travel Blog was once a part of Cheers to Life Blogging, until I realized that this needed to have a home of it’s own. I mean, travel can’t be grouped with parenting and blogging… can it?

family in pool

Family Adventures

Well.. yes and no. I am a parent so many of my travels are with my family. So here, you’ll find our fun Family Adventures where we’ve visited any kid-friendly destinations and attractions.

And whoa, these family vacation destinations are ones you should have on your family travel bucket list. Plus, there’s even a few weekend getaways with kids that you could squeeze in every once in a while like we do. Families just wanna have funnn! 🎶

lady sitting in chicago skydeck

Adulting Getaways

But whoa, parents need to catch a break too! Shoot, sometimes I want a break from it all LOL! And that’s where the Adulting Getaways come in. These travel getaways are exclusively travel done without kids (and sometimes without the significant other haha).

So in addition to the family trip ideas, there’s also times where we parents need to go on a couples getaway (or me away on a girls trip). No need to feel guilty mama, we need time to ourselves without distractions as well. The adulting life is stressful so it’s okay to have some worry-free travel fun!

About the Name

The name was easy to come up with since it’s actually a “spin-off” to the original blog. This stemmed from a dinner tradition we do every night. Before we eat, we go around the table and “Cheers” to something good in the day. It’s a way for us to remember that there is always something to be thankful for.

This is what led to the inspiration of the blog brand name – “Cheers to __.” So if you’re having a rough day and can’t think of anything else to cheers to, remember that you can always cheers to travel.

Even if we are not traveling far at the moment, the world is still filled with beautiful scenery waiting to be seen. And one of these days, we will be back out there, visiting a new location… even if it’s only an hour away. So cheers to travel! 🥂

About the Travelers

Hey travel buds! My name is Lucy and my two loves are Marco and Dom. Dom is the silly little 7-year old who keeps us busy on the sports field (and sometimes away from the airports because of this). But every chance we can, we’ll take a short weekend getaway, visit a local attraction or take a family vacation to somewhere fun! Yup, we love traveling as a family.

But like I said, parents need a break too. So sometimes, babe and I will take a little escape to sip on some cocktail drinks by the beach. Or if my friends convince enough, or if my job sends me somewhere for business, then I get to travel without them both from time to time. Yeah the mom guilt gets me in the beginning but it doesn’t last very long LOL!

But regardless, all three of us love taking a break from our normal life to go explore and visit a new destination. So when we’re not busy with work, sports or busy mom life, you can be certain that we’re planning our next getaway!

Connect With Me

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I look forward to connecting with you!

And remember, there is always something to be happy for… Cheers to travel! What are you cheering to today?